After many years in both the financial sector and training environment, Eldari Visser, Director of Picketfence Life (Pty) Ltd was ready for bigger challenges. She started her Online Financial Literacy company and the life as an entrepreneur. Assisting people in reaching their financial goals towards living a better life.

The focus is to offer real value to clients in the form of independent Financial Intelligence programs to both the individual and the corporate employee.

With the help of a creative partner and affiliated to Efficient Wealth (Pty) Ltd she developed a company that delivers not only financial literacy programs but independent solutions. Keeping it affordable for any client is a key aspect of their services. They also have expert professionals from other sectors including law, tax, business and coaching to assist clients with problems they might face.

It is my life’s mission to teach people that a better life is attainable. There is help out there. I will ask the tough questions and align you with the best”.

We believe that dreaming about a good LIFE is not only necessary but vital for each individual success. We want to assist in this process Public speaker, financial advisor, blogger and author.